Winter Pt. 1

by Divisions

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released February 22, 2014

All songs written and performed by Divisions
Additional vocals on Easter by Randy Vanderbilt

Recorded and engineered by Randy Vanderbilt in February 2014



all rights reserved


Divisions Indianapolis, Indiana

Four guys from Indianapolis making music.

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Track Name: Easter
History dictates we're in the company
Of liars and thieves
Wearing a suit and a smile
Tongues as sharp as knives
Meant to whittle away
At your faith
And all that's left is
Hope for tomorrow
But optimism wears thin

Divided we fail hand in hand
Yet you stand there and shout
"It's us versus them...stand your ground!"
But our times running out
We've been conditioned to drown
And all that's left is
Hope for the future
But optimism wears thin

The other shoe will drop
As bombs rain down
Track Name: Prologue
I'm sorry
But in this story
There is no happy ending

The skyline's calling my name
I wasn't meant for this or you
I would apologize
But this is more your fault than mine
I promise that these smiles
Weren't always fake
But the allure of a new beginning
Is so fucking romantic
This is more your fault than mine
Track Name: Crows Turned To Ashes
You left me breathless
Yet you continue to live this
Wretched life only to
Beg for forgiveness
From everyone that's still waiting
What did you think you'd be gaining?
You're only thinking of
Your own well being
But I can't wait to wipe that
Crooked fucking smile
Right off your face

In the blink of an eye
The tides kissed you goodbye
You've spent your whole life
Waiting on stars to come
Crashing down through the atmosphere
To take you away
From the places you fear
And I don't blame you
If you have regrets
But there's no honor among
Thieves anymore so take a deep breath

Sit back and
Wait for the fear to subside
Track Name: Closing The Circuit
I've declared this a war zone on your behalf
And you can thank me later
Because right now we're at 14:45
And I won't waste anymore
Of your precious time
Hit the lights, shake the ground
And take your fucking bow

Cast off like all the rest
You're not special
You never were
A fleeting moment

Peddling your wares to the lowest
Common denominator
It's a barren wasteland for the radicals
Trying to extinguish
This dumpster fire that you call your home
Hit the lights, rush the crowd
And take those fuckers out

Cast off like all the rest
You're not special
You never were
A fleeting moment

Reaching into the shark's mouth
To see what you can gain
'Cause it's a thin line between love and hate
And you'll find out soon enough when they
Have all grown tired of what you have to say
Hit the lights, pass the crown
It's all but over now